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Celebrations and Weddings

Your special day at castle Machern

Buffet Feierlichkeiten park

You chose a baroque royal house embedded in a unique surrounding of an english landscape park.

This landscape park with its buildings is a preserved treasure that is well-known beyond the borders of saxony.



Experience the most beautiful day of your life at castle Machern

Allround-carefree-celebration – we organise your wishes – so that you can lean back.
Whether flower arrangement, photographer or cultural programme, we arrange your celebration and fulfilling every single wish.

Hochzeit feiern Hochzeit feiern Hochzeit Machern


Wedding carriage or vintage car? Your wishes/dreams will come true.
Start your day relaxed, we help to fulfill!

If desired, we will welcome you after your marriage ceremony with a glass of champagne and will serve - due to old customs - bread and salt.

In Germany, newly married couples have to saw a stem of wood to prove that they can work as a team. This old tradition can be fulfilled on our castle stairs. From “dinner for two” up to the wedding table for 130 guests – castle Machern provides the perfect requirements for your individual celebration.


In these rooms you can celebrate:

Blauer Salon

Blue Saloon

 up to 12 person 50.00 €

Gelber Salon

Festival room

 up to 22 person 100.00 €

Foyer Ostfluegel

Gallery east wing

 up to 22 person 100.00 €

Lindenausaal Hochzeit


 up to 100 person 750.00 €


The following guest rooms are
at your disposal (free of charge):

Saloon Agnes up to 8 people
Schnetger room up to 8 people
Green Saloon up to 35 people